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      Combined Auditions

      Audition for  The Cadets and Cadets2 at the same time at Audition Camp #1 and Audition Camp #3!
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      Video Auditions

      Can't make it to a camp? We still want you to be considered for The Cadets and Cadets2 with a Video Audition.
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      Audition Packets

      Prepare for your audition: download this year's audition packets for the section(s) you're interested in.

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Video Auditions

It is strongly recommended that you come to camp. It's the best way for us to evaluate your talents and for you to get the full experience.

We understand that situations may come up that prevent you from attending camp, and we want to make sure you're still considered for The Cadets and Cadets2.

What to do

1. Register for free by clicking here.
2. After you register, choose 'Video Audition' on the next page.
3. Download the audition packet and prepare and upload your video.


Dave Marden
Director of Performing Ensembles


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